How to Deal With Your Feelings

Just for the moment sit with it. Sit with whatever feelings are coming your way. Do nothing! Nothing more than feel them. It is that which we think will kill us that only makes us stronger.

How often I can remember doing anything not to feel something. I would do anything not to deal with my feelings. I would find myself in the kitchen opening up all the cabinets, followed by the refrigerator. I would start pulling out food even when I wasn’t hungry just to stuff the feelings that were coming up. Never knowing what it all meant, or why I was doing it. I spent years doing destructive things to myself. Back then they didn’t have names for them all, today is so common. Everything was a secret. Today I believe secrets kill. They kill the person holding them. Before long thirteen years had passed and hundreds of thousands of calories were consumed through binge eating, compulsive overeating and eventually eliminated through purging. A vicious cycle that I thought was perpetuated by a lack of will power only to learn it was a fear of feeling. Will power had nothing to do with it. I experienced plenty of that in other areas of my life, just not around food. I found food was my substance of choice. What about you? What do you use to stuff your feelings?

When food was no longer the focus I conveniently found other culprits to fill the void. Stinkin thinking was one that played a big part in the whole game. I later turned to other activities to distract me from feeling. I see people today using social media, facebook, twitter, foursquare, Instagram etc and have more of a relationship with their smart phones than they do themselves and others. What are we all running away from?

Want to know the secret to stopping the insanity that keeps you from feeling? The answer is quite easy. Are you ready for it? Listen because I do not want you to miss it.

Allow yourself to FEEL!

Yes, that’s it. Feel! Do nothing but sit with it. Observe how it makes you feel and understand it will pass. It is our impulse that makes us run and flee as we did back in the caveman days when we were being chased by tigers. You are safe. Breathe! Sit with your feelings and give yourself permission to experience whatever it is you sense at that moment. Become aware of you for the first time and watch all the anxiety, fear and frustration fall away with the pain that you are holding on to.

Know that when we live in past we have pain, live in the present we have gifts. When we live in our heads we are dead. Choose to live now! Be still and BE Free!