Stop Sabotaging Your Life

There are so many ways you can stop sabotaging your life now. Know that self sabotage shows up as perfectionism, over thinking, feeling like you’re not enough, making poor choices, and it can lead to shame, blame and sometime years of therapy.

Many people find themselves sabotaging their own success through bad habits like using food, booze, sex, spending… all things that feel good in the moment but hurt in the long run.  It is a need you are trying to fill and you just may use a different vehicle to do so.

All that can change when you go from feeling F.I.N.E. to being FAB. Learn to F.L.Y. First Love Yourself. Understand why loving yourself feels so HARD even though you KNOW it’s the key to your happiness.

For some it is easier to feel bad because it is so familiar. To stop sabotaging your life it takes a concerted effort to make change a habit.

Follow along and start implementing some of the strategies shared and see how you can stop sabotaging your life now.

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