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Over the last 30 years, Lisa Lieberman-Wang has advised and helped nurture the businesses of many professionals thriving today. She has helped her clients increase revenue, reduce operating expenses, market their business online and off, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, re-position themselves as leaders in their industries.

Lisa is the #1 internationally best-selling author of the book F.I.N.E. (Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional) to FAB. As a Success Strategist and the co-creator of Neuro Associative Programming (N.A.P) she helps you move forward quickly and effortlessly. She co-created N.A.P. for you to breakthrough whatever is weighing you down with a proven model.

Knowing success personally and professionally starts with the individual she uses this technology and has helped hundreds of thousands of people from around the world overcome lifelong emotional challenges of depression, anxiety, stress, self-sabotage, emotional eating and sexual abuse so they can live an authentic life, happy, healthy and free!

Applying the same principles she has helped businesses grow exponentially eliminating the blocks that get in the way of productivity, results and revenue.

Whether you need help personally or professionally Lisa is the one to get you where you want to be. 

Executives & Entrepreneurs choose to work with Lisa because she’s a true business leader—She has done over $60 million in personal sales in her career. She has led countless professionals to multi-million-dollar businesses including herself. Her expertise reaches every aspect of your business. Know that your business reflects the owners.

She is a powerful leader and keynote speaker who has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW, TEDx as their expert, and has helped organizations like Harvard University, Konica Minolta, Anthems, The Navy Memorial and many more.

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Lisa Lieberman-Wang speaks worldwide giving keynotes,workshops for corporations, private organizations and media.

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